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Monday, 20 June 2011


File size : 692 MiB
Duration : 1h 38mn
Overall bit rate : 985 Kbps
ID : 1
Format : MPEG-4 Visual
Codec ID : XVID
Duration : 1h 38mn
Bit rate : 838 Kbps
Width : 608 pixels
Height : 256 pixels
Displayaspect ratio : 2.35

In 740 AD, one of Merlin’s apprentices, Maxim Horvath turns against him, teaming up with the evil sorceress, Morgana le Fay. The other two apprentices, Balthazar Blake and Veronica arrive to rescue Merlin, but are too late as he is deadly wounded by Morgana. Balthazar fights Horvath but is about to be killed by the sorceress Morgana. With the use of a spell, Veronica absorbs Morgana into her. Morgana attempts to kill Veronica from the inside and in order to rescue Veronica, Balthazar imprisons both of them in the Grimhold. Before dying, Merlin manages to give to give to his remaining apprentice a dragon ring that will in the end choose the Prime Merlinian, the future successor of Merlin who will obtain all his powers.



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