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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The dark times of Ancient Greece … No one and nothing can stop the war god Ares, voznamerivshegosya destroy the great Athens. Even the keeper of city-goddess Athena Pallas, the daughter of Zeus gromoverzhtsa not be able to violate the prohibition of the father – not the gods fighting each other. Kratos, a mighty son of Sparta, a former warlord, – only he can stop the destruction.

Who gave his life to Ares in exchange for a victory over the barbarians, he turned into fury blinded merciless servant, which is the name of the owner razed the city and people. It is time to shed the shackles, freedom to acquire and restore the world, carrying out the impossible – killing an immortal god …

Kratos is armed with two swords of chaos, his hands chained to the hero. The long and dangerous path awaits Spartans. His goal – a Pandora’s box, encouraging terror, even in the gods. Only with the help of his courageous death will be able to free themselves from eternal slavery – to defeat Ares and save Athens from imminent death.

Combined movements, techniques and strokes never before had such severe and indiscriminate violent. Any attack Kratos can result in a bloody river, turbulent flow which lose only when all the enemies before poverzheny single.

In traveling Kratos meets Gorgon Medusa, Cyclops, Minotaur, harpy, Titans, and other mythical creatures and monsters. Enjoy Aegean Sea, Athens, the kingdom of the dead, lost souls Desert, Olympus and other places and characters familiar myths of ancient Greece. The player to climb the mountain cliff, to swim rivers, climb on the perpendicular walls, fight with thousands of enemies and solve various puzzles.

Download GOD OF WAR 1 NTSC ISO: 

PCSX2 Emulator 

  **Put Bios Folder in "C:\Users\NAME\Documents\pcsx2"**
Config Manuals and Settings

4 GB rAM


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