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Thursday, 31 March 2011 0 comments

3D Analyzer is a program to anayze and test the efficiency of your 3D card, and improve it noticeably for 3D gaming. For this it allows you to change the distinct characteristics of your card, and test its efficiency (DirectX merits special attention). With it you can optimize efficiency, above all if your CPU will permit, although still with a low range card. This program supports Direct3D as much as OpenGL, whichever it may be to optimize...

If you want to change your chipset type then you can choose the codes given and enter them in vendor ID and device ID to run an executable(.exe) gaming file..AND if it wont word try out different set of combinations.


Hey,guys!!!i m here again with some cool hacking tips.This time ,i’ll tell you about hacking/breaking XP administrator password.Its really easy and include just 3 to 4 steps..
First, you have to go thru the main password window..
On the welcome screen,when window asks for the password…,HIT–ctrl+alt+del {X2-hit delete twice}.Then, a window ll open and ask you for USERNAME AND PASSWORD.
HERE’s the trick,Type “administrator“as a username and hit ENTER..thats all.NO NEED OF PASSWORD.You will enter the admin profile of the window.
But if you want to control over main profile,this will not go.
To Change the password of main window,enter as admin using above procedure.
NOW,Here is a step-by-step instruction to accomplish this task.
1. Open the command prompt (Start->Run->type cmd->Enter)
2. Now type net user and hit Enter
3. Now the system will show you a list of user accounts on the computer. Say for example you need to reset the password of the account by name Numb, then do as follows
4. Type net user Numb * and hit Enter. Now the system will ask you to enter the new password for the account. That’s it. Now you’ve successfully reset the password for Numb without knowing his old password.
So in this way you can reset the password of any Windows account at times when you forget it so that you need not re-install your OS for any reason. I hope this helps.
NOW,you have done this——————————–Breaked windows password.. . .

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