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Friday, 20 May 2011

Translator XP Enterprise is a free two-way sentence translation from Indonesian to English / foreign / regions and vice versa.
Translator XP Enterprise programmed to perform the analysis of translating sentences word by word by trying to approach the rules of the actual rule language. Translator XP will check the connection type of words between the adjacent words. Therefore, in every database, every word always ends with a sign (b), (k), (v), (t), (g) or (s) that actually describe the relevant type of word (noun, adverb, the word work, said pointer, pronouns or adjectives). Especially for English, Translator XP is able to distinguish 5 main tenses are often used as Present, Present Perfect, Past, Future and Present Continuous, for both active and passive sentences for the pattern of positive, negative and interrogative. Translation speed: 2700 characters / second (cps). Equivalent to 0.6 seconds / page A4-2 spaces.

info : www.translatorxp.com

Download via :

|ziddu| : Download
|mediafire| : Download
|easy-share| : Download
|maknyos| : Download
|filesonic| : Download


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