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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Folder Lock is a professional tool which allows users to lock their files and folders with passwords. This software will password-protect the files on your computer as well as those stored on various storage means like flash drives, CDs, floppy-disks (if anyone still uses them), and on laptops or netbooks. If you are going to copy the files and folders to another computer, then the protection will still be there even though the tool is not installed on other computers.
Folder Lock 6.4.0 comes packed with a lot of features and it can make your password protected files un-deletable, very secure, and hidden so that you can hide them from your kids, friends, wife, lover, or from whoever you want. Probably the best thing aboutFolder Lock is that it will also keep your files safe from malware including viruses, spyware, worms, and trojans. If you are going to share your files via network then the files will be protected from them.
Folder Lock 6.4.0 can also lock as well as encrypt files and folders. Like aforementioned, the tool comes with the ability to lock your computer, lock files on Windows Explorer, lock files and folders on kernel level and DOS mode. The difference is that security then you should go for encryption, while if you want speed then you should go for lock. If you don’t want to forget where are you locked files, then you can arrange them in only one folder and lock the folder itself meaning that you’re good to go, but safe!
Folder Lock 6
This software provides very fast encryption and locking as well as 256-bit AES Encryption security, a fact which cannot be provided by others. If you want to uninstall the files locked with Folder Lock 6.4.0 then the software will ask you the password, meaning that nobody can mess around with your computer.
If you are going to send locked files via the internet then users will not be able to open them until you send them the password, and if a hacker manages to get hold on your documents, then he will have a hard timein decrypting the password. Folder Lock 6.4.0 is compatible with all Windows versions as well as all HDD format types including FAT32 and NTFS.
Like aforementioned, you can setup a special folder where you can keep all protected files. It’s called Locker and it doesn’t need a specific size as it can be increased with ease. Folder Lock 6.4.0 will not save the password on your HDD or in the registries therefore nobody will be able to steal your password.
Folder 6.4.0 is available for free download, however, it comes with a 20-day trial and if you want to protect your files forever then you will have to pay the $39.95 fee to get the full version.

 Download via :
|ziddu| : download
|hotfile| : download
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|easyshare| : download
|rapidshare| : download
|maknyos| : download


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